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What defines the Riptide COMMUNITY?

A community is defined as a group of people who come together based on shared interests. We HELP and HOLD each other accountable to accomplish the health and fitness results we all desire.


Riptide Trainers


Santiago Callejas

Head Trainer

Betsy Hood


Najeeb Reyes


What is a complete FITNESS program?

We don’t just exercise. We provide the best nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help each individual, via the power and accountability of our community, to create the daily habits that lead to long term success in fitness and health.

The workouts, movements and exercises in these classes are designed to restore our functionality outside of the gym, to support the lifestyle we all desire. To travel, hike, bike, run, swim and play sports throughout the rest of our life, enjoying the activities we love for as long as possible, without getting hurt.

More importantly, we want to grow old, strong, healthy and happy. Ending up in a nursing home, with a walking apparatus, or in a wheelchair are avoidable syndromes that can make retirement and our elderly years the most unhappy and difficult years of our life.

Restoring fitness and health via CrossFit will create a hedge against this state of decrepitude we’re all dreading in our younger years.

Health and fitness are no longer optional. They are a necessary in order to live a better quality of life.