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Finding Your True “Why”

Most people find themselves bouncing around from one exercise program to another, changing trainers, searching for the “right diet” and trying all the methods the media and our surroundings tell us to do. While some of these may actually be great programs and diets that can potentially deliver great results, most of us don’t really stick to anything long enough to reap the benefits. One of the biggest reasons is simply because most of you are unconsciously making decisions…

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Take Control Of Your Life

In our last article, which can be found here, we shared some valuable questions to discover your true, more powerful motivators in life. However, the real success lies in taking action, the most difficult step. You must go through a specific process in order to evolve from the mindful thinking and self discovery, to then take actionable steps to begin the journey of living a more healthy and meaningful life. This process begins with developing small, daily habits. The first…

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