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CrossFit Group Classes

Classic CrossFit training methodology, designed to get you the fit for life.

We teach everyone from the ground up, starting with our fundamentals sessions, designed to get you understanding everything about CrossFit.

These are group training sessions, that are led and guided by a professional trainer. They are one hour long, and work the full body on daily basis.



These are the 10 skills we work and train in CrossFit, on a daily basis:

Cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility

These are organic skills. To get better at these we just have to put in the time running, rowing, biking, lifting, and stretching to develop and improve upon these elements.


Coordination, agility, balance and accuracy

These are the neurological skills. These are the skills that demand concentration, thinking and learning how to rewire our brain and thought process to connect body and mind, so the body can do whatever the brain tells it to do.

Developing these skills allows us to develop the more refined movements required for sport and life.

Examples in daily life include running an obstacle course, dribbling a soccer ball or basketball, throwing a baseball or football, catching, jumping rope, or even playing a musical instrument at a high level.


Power and Speed

These are a combination of the organic and neurological skills. These are regarded as some of the more challenging skills to develop, yet the ones that yield the most results in how we look, feel and perform. These are the skills many olympic disciplines focus on, such as track and field events, gymnastics and weightlifting.

These classes are the heart of the community, and the nesting grounds for building positive, meaningful relationships. You will meet great people, have fun and workout in an energetic, motivating environment. We take each of our members, build relationships, create accountability groups and guide everyone to making better decisions to improve your lifestyle, one day at a time.


Still not sure what Crossfit is? Check out our page explaining the CrossFit methodology including a video.



The CrossFit Games

We are NOT the CrossFit Games. Though an exciting competition and incredible test of fitness, the Games is equivalent to competing at the Tour de France. Only professional, sponsored athletes who have dedicated their entire youth and life to sports and competition, make it to this point. These are typically athletes who come from competitive high school and college sports, then find CrossFit along the way.

At Riptide CrossFit, we do similar exercises and use the same foundational training methodology. However, we workout to a degree that the weekend warrior wanting to run the local Spartan Obstacle Race or the everyday mom and dad need to support their everyday, hectic lifestyle.



Come test our RX+ program and see how you measure up. Fitness must be proven, and for those looking to compete in local throwdowns, excel in the CrossFit Open, or simply want to push to limits beyond their current capacity, our RX+ programming is just for you.

Looking for something even better? Talk to Santiago, our Head Coach, for individualized resources in order to take your fitness to that higher level.