Finding Your True “Why”

Most people find themselves bouncing around from one exercise program to another, changing trainers, searching for the “right diet” and trying all the methods the media and our surroundings tell us to do. While some of these may actually be great programs and diets that can potentially deliver great results, most of us don’t really stick to anything long enough to reap the benefits.

One of the biggest reasons is simply because most of you are unconsciously making decisions based on EXTRINSIC motivators. Simply put, we are buying that luxury vehicle or bigger house to impress or please other people, not really for our own true, INTRINSIC motivators, and you just don’t know it.

The first step to resolve this problem is to identify what really motivates you.  This process takes mental clarity, time and a sincere questioning of why you want to live a lifestyle of exercise and healthy eating. Is it just to look better naked? To attract someone we like? To make a better impression on our friends and family? Again, these are all extrinsic motivators.

We need to realize the true reason why exercise and proper nutrition will benefit our mind, body and soul, for reasons beyond the tip of the iceberg. Peeling back the layer of the onion can be a difficult process, and sometimes a painful one. Realizing you’ve been making so many decisions in life for the wrong reasons can hurt. But you must grieve, then move on to a clean slate.

Begin making decisions for yourself, for the RIGHT reasons. Start exercising and eating healthy for more powerful, intrinsic motivators, such as to educate your kids on the importance of health by example, not just by telling them to stop eating sugar. What’s your retirement plan? What will you do with all that money…in a nursing home, hospital, or in the handicapped side of the vacation resort in Hawaii?

Are you going to be the grandparent that plays with your grand kids, or the one on the couch because you have a “bad back and bad knees”.

What will happen when your spouse gets old and sick? Will you be healthy and strong enough to take care of them?

At Riptide CrossFit we do much more than just exercise. We build a community based on universal principles of growth, success and continuous improvement for all aspects of life. It’s not just CrossFit, it’s lifestyle movement that makes us better people.

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