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Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


10 min PVC Pipe Warm Up

Review Hang Snatch and Snatch technique.

Movement Prep

Coach will briefly review technique for HSPU and appropriate scaling options.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

In partners:

Take 16 min to build to a heavy set of the following complex:

1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch (full squat for both)

Then rest 2 min and in partners:

Max Snatches(squat), in 4 MIN

Rest 1 MIN

Max HSPU in 4 MIN

RX: 115/85

RX+: 135/95
Log 2 scores. Max reps and total weight for the complex.

Snatch Complex (1 Hang + 1 Snatch)


Mobilize and Foam Roll