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Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


5 MIN Dynamic Warm Up

Movement Prep


2 Rounds:

4 Kip Swings

6 Jumping Squats

4 Hang Muscle Cleans

Then, add # to bar;

2 Rounds:

3 Pull Ups/3 Bar MUPS/3 RMUPS

6 Jumping Lunges

3 Hang Power Cleans (add weight again on 2nd round).

Partner Up. Start the workout…

1 partner completes ME gymnastics. Upon completion, 2nd partner does the same.

Everyone runs.

Partner up for hang power clean.


Metcon (No Measure)

On a 30 MIN clock:

Begin with ONLY 1 of the following:

Max effort, unbroken pull ups…or..

ME UB, Bar Muscle Ups…or…

ME UB, Ring Muscle Ups.

(see scaling options below).


Rest 3 MIN.

On MIN 8:

Perform a max effort 800 Sprint.


Rest 3 MIN.

On MIN 16, take the rest of the time to:

Perform a 1 rep max Hang Power Clean (14 MIN).

Workout ends on min 30.
Scaling for gymnastics:

Option 1: ME, UB banded pull ups (green band only).

Option 2: ME, UB jumping pull ups (if athlete stops, loosens grip or pauses or resets in any way, the attempt/effort is over).

Scaling for run:

550 M Sprint (must be under 5 min).

Scaling for HPC:

5 x 3 HPC (focus on technique).

Pull-ups (Max effort UNBROKEN PU.)

Kipping or butterfly.

Bar Muscle-ups (Max effort UBROKEN BMUPS.)

Muscle-ups (Max effort UNBROKEN MUPS.)

800m Run (Time)

Max Effort 800m Run

1 RM: Hang Power Clean (14 min to est. a 1 RM)


Mobilize and foam roll.