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Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


Follow Movement prep for warm up.

Movement Prep


In teams of 3:

P1: 100 m Row

P2: 10 Samson Lunges(5/5)

P3: 8 H.R. Push Ups

Each athletes rotates through each station once….then…

P1: 100 M Row

P2: 8 Cobra to downward dog

P3: 20 sec HS Hold

Rotate through each station once..then…

P1: 100 m Row

P2: 8 Reverse Plank Bridges

P3: 5 HSPU or 5 negatives.


Metcon (No Measure)

On a 40 MIN clock, in teams of 2-3:

Choose one of the following tests:

Max effort, unbroken HSPU.


Max effort, unbroken strict push ups.

1 works, other rest/count your partner.


Rest 3 MIN.

On min 8 athlete 1 begins ME 2K Row.

10 MIN CAP (MIN 18)

1 MIN transition.

On min 19 athlete 2 begins 2K Row.

10 MIN CAP (MIN 29)

1 MIN transition.

On min 30 athlete 3 begins 2K Row.

Workout ends on MIN 40.
Scaling for gymnastics:

Option 1: ME UB HSPU with one 15# plate elevation.

Option 2: ME UB regular push ups.

**If athlete comes to any pause at the bottom, or hands release from the ground for any rest, the attempt is over. Same for HSPU. **

Scaling for row: as many meters as possible in 10 MIN.

Handstand Push-ups (Max effort UNBROKEN HSPU)

You get 1 attempt…make it count.. ; )

Push-ups (Max effort UBROKEN push ups.)

FULL RANGE OF MOTION, honest push ups. Chest and hips touch the ground, full lock out at the top.

Don’t cheat yourself… ; )

2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row


Mobilize and foam roll.