Happy Monday!

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


15 MIN.

(5 min.) Partner MB Hot Potato Warm-up

*Mix up the tosses every round between:

Chest Pass

Wall-Ball Pass (a vertical throw minus the Squat, like a Push Press)

Granny Toss

Side Tosses (R and L)

(10 min.) Dynamic Shoulder Mobility

*Grab a light KB, a light plate/weight, and keep your MB.

P1) KB Movements (timer)

10 Halos

10 Windmills (5 each side)

10 Single-Arm Presses (5 each side)

P2) MB Thoracic Extension

Lay on the ground with a MB at your back, anchor your arms down by holding a plate.

2 rounds

Movement Prep

5+ min:

7-10 Presses

7-10 Push Presses

7-10 Push Jerks

(10 min.)

2 Presses + 3 Push Presses + 4 Push Jerks

3 sets

*Increase load each set.

Then, work on getting to starting weight on the Press. Athletes might need to go down in weight from the above complex. That is OK.


3 x 5: Shoulder Press (3 sets of 5)

3 x 3: Push Press (3 sets of 3)

3 x 1: Push Jerk (3 sets of 1)


Mobilize, foam roll, or practice a skill…OR…

Perform 30/20 Cals on bike every 90sec — or Sprint 200 m.

4 Rounds (0:00/1:30/3/4:30)

* Adjust Cal numbers as needed.


Perform as many sit ups as possible in 2 MIN.