Happy Tuesday!

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 min.) In Partners, Warm Up

2 Rounds:

P1) Row 8 cal.

P2) Perform one Burpee every time they perform 1 cal. on the rower


Round 2:

P2 does MB cleans instead of burpees.

Then…Shoulder Mobility/Stability

8 Face Pulls

8 Over-the-Shoulder Pulls

1 min. Banded Shoulder Stretch (choose two directions to stretch from)

8 Hanging Torso Twists

2 rounds

Movement Prep

(15 min.) Work up to a Heavy 1-rep Weighted Pull-up

First, perform Pull-up Complex:

3 Shoulder Round-the-Worlds + 3 Jump to Negative Lowers + 2 Strict Pull-ups

*Scale to 5 Hanging Shoulder Shrugs + 5 Jump to Negative Lowers

2 sets

*Rest between as needed.

Then, work up to a 1-rep heavy weight as:

3 reps

2 reps

Then do singles, adding load until failure.

1 x 1: Weighted Pull-ups (STRICT)


5 x 3 Banded Strict Pull Ups (use band that makes the 3 reps very difficult)…


5 x 4 Heavy Bent Over Rows

Metcon (Time)

In partners, for time:


Weighted Pull-ups (25/15 lb.)

Calorie Row

RX+: 40/25 lb DB.
(16 MIN CAP)

Coach will discuss proper modifications/scaling for today’s strict pull ups.


Mobilize, foam roll or:

2 MILE RUN (6 laps around the block)

1 lap @ at a slow recovery jog.

1 lap @ fast pace, about 80-90% effort.

Continue alternating pace every lap.

Start with fast pace.