Happy Wednesday!

Riptide CrossFit – CrossFit


15 MIN.

(5 min.) Warm Up in Partners

P1: Row 250 m

P2: Run 200 m


(10 min.) Running Prep – Drills and Efforts

Lateral Banded March – L + R direction

Long Lunges plus Samson Stretch

Butt Kickers

High Knees

Bird Peckers

Toe Walking + Heel Walking

Then, perform:

1 x 200-m Run effort at moderate to fast pace. (400-m workout pace)

Movement Prep

(5-10 min.)

Row 2 x 250-m efforts

*Rest as needed.

In between each effort, perform 5 reps Hip Flow #1 Sequence


Metcon (Time)

For time:

750-m Row

200-m Run

Rest 2 min.

500-m Row

400-m Run

Rest 2 min.

250-m Row

600-m Run