Take Control Of Your Life

In our last article, which can be found here, we shared some valuable questions to discover your true, more powerful motivators in life.

However, the real success lies in taking action, the most difficult step. You must go through a specific process in order to evolve from the mindful thinking and self discovery, to then take actionable steps to begin the journey of living a more healthy and meaningful life.

This process begins with developing small, daily habits. The first one that anyone can begin with is establishing a healthy, morning routine.

It begins the night before, when setting the alarm.

Visualize, as you lie down and relax, that you want to wake up feeling, good, alive and fresh. Imagine (yes, you still have an imagination) taking a quick 3-5 minutes to allow your body to wake up by doing some light stretches.

While sitting on the side of the bed, raise your arms, and move them around slow and easy. Stand up, reach down and try to touch your toes, then extend at the top, just a few times. Twist your torso and arms around for your spine. Take your time, feel everything out.

Walk over to the kitchen and immediately drink a glass of water. Walk over to the restroom and wash your face, all while visualizing the delicious and healthy breakfast you’re about to eat.

During your breakfast, visualize how great you are going to feel working out today, and how productive you will be throughout your day.

As you get dressed, become more specific in your visualization practice. Think about the movements in the workout, the positive greetings to your bosses and co-workers and any other important events in the day.

The alarm sounds, and now you EXECUTE. It all begins here.

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