Jeff Sass

Since the end of May I’ve been showing up at this spot before 5:30 am every weekday morning. Why would a reasonably sane person suffer the threat of sleep deprivation to rise in darkness, don workout wear, and schlepp to an unairconditioned, garage-like structure to cavort with a dozen or so sweaty souls? Because it is AWESOME!

Not all addictions are bad for you. I am now addicted to CrossFit. I go six days a week if I am not traveling for business. Monday through Friday I go to a 5:30 am class and it has truly changed my physique, my attitude, my health, and arguably, my life.

I, like most folks my advanced age, would pass by a CrossFit Gym (called a “Box” as I now know), and be immediately intimidated by the young, fit kids lifting massive barbells and grunting through intense workouts. “I could never do that,” I thought. While I considered myself active and was pretty good at getting my “10,000 steps” a day, for years I had done nothing for strength or flexibility and felt the aches of age more often than I cared to think about…

Eight months later and I’ve lost 20+ pounds and a size or two, but more significantly I have MUSCLES I never knew existed. I can SQUAT! And I feel and look better than I think I ever have, physically. Plus, the community aspect of CrossFit is strong, and a big part of what makes it an effective exercise regimen. And the community at Riptide is very special (especially the 5:30 am crew). I am now part of a group of trusted friends (of all ages) that support each other’s efforts and goals wholeheartedly. I begin every day as part of a team that, while diverse in age, skills, and goals, shares one common interest – to improve our individual fitness and quality of life and to help and inspire our “box-mates” to do the same. There is no better way to start your day. Thanks to everyone at Riptide Crossfit (& Yoga – now with Coffee & Towel Service!) for all your friendship and support!